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There is currently a growing debate about the use of PFC (also know as perfluorocarbons  or fluorinated carbon) in food packaging. The main topic is whether the PFC can be transfered from the packaging to the food itself and thus to the consumer. There is a particular focus on whether the consumption of PFC substances will cause health problems.

It has not yet been documented whether the consumption of PFC cause health issues, but some preliminary results points in the that direction.

We offer water-based PFC free coating solutions approved for direct food contact. Water based solutions helps protecting our enviroment as they are fully biodegradeable and recycleable. Our oilmigrationbarrier coatings will protect  content against impurities from recycled packaging and the transfer of  mineral oils from inks.

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Media debate on PFC and oil migration

Below we have compiled the most recent press about the use of PFCs in food packaging.

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