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Introducing VaporCoat 1183 from Michelman

You no longer have to worry about mineral oil contamination in her food.

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Stuffed with chemistry: So dangerous is your muffin

Your muffin wraps is packed with dangerous chemicals – children and pregnant women should avoid eating muffins baked in small molds, says campaign “Food with less chemistry” by DVFA.

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Carcinogenic substances found in German Advent Calendar packaging

The Stiftung Warentest has found residues of mineral oil and similar substances in the chocolate advent calendars for children. The materials are therefore presumably from the cartons, which are often printed with mineral oil-based inks. Consumers should not eat the chocolate.

This makes it clear that it is important to carefully consider the type of material used for food packaging.

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Brand protection from the leader in barrier coatings

Michelman offers an extensive and growing line of barrier coatings that protect all types of brand packaging from oil, grease, water, moisture and mineral oil migration.

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