VaporCoat® 892N, VaporCoat® 2200, VaporCoat® 1292 & VaporCoat® 1183 

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Benefits and Uses

VaporCoat® is a recyclable water-based moisture barrier coating for corrugated boxes, chipboard, SBS, clay coated kraft and kraft paper. This line of products not only locks out water, but also reduces the transmission of water vapor (MVTR).  VaporCoat® can be used for moisture retention on the interior surface, or on the exterior to prevent moisture penetration into the container.

VaporCoat® can replace costly, non-recyclable curtain coating, poly-laminated linerboard and plastic bags in many applications.

  • Moisture-, water- and grease-resistant
  • Meat release
  • Printable
  • Repulpable
  • Coldset gluable
  • RecyclableSkærmbillede 2015-06-02 kl. 12.37.54
  • FDA compliant
  • Oil migration barrier

Common uses include:

  • Roll wrap for fine papers
  • Multi-wall bags
  • Produce and poultry boxes
  • Frozen meat patty boxes
  • Archival storage
  • Corrosion-sensitive products

Choosing the Right Product

VaporCoat® 2200 offers maximum moisture, water and grease resistance, but is also hot-melt gluable only. Can be applied as single coat or over a primer by flexo, gravure, rod or blade. Can not be overcoated, glued or printed by waterbased materials.

VaporCoat® 892 Good blend of water, grease, oil and some moisture resistance. Is cold-set gluable and can be used alone or as a primer for other coatings for food packaging also for printing. Can be applied single or double coat by blade or rod only.

VaporCoat® 1292 is somehow similar to the above but based on natural waxes and therefore suitable for direct food contact on greasy foods. It is designed for blade, rod or flexo applications and is often used to replace polyethylene laminated packaging for food and non-food industries, including multi wall bags.

VaporCoat® 1183 is the coating to solve mineral oil migration concerns. Water based coating that reduces both saturated and aromatic mineral oil below industry accepted levels.