Michelman water-based coatings are safer to apply, conserve resources in production, and often simply do a better job of protecting contents than alternatives. Because they are completely recyclable, they also turn retailers’ waste streams into revenue streams.

Our mission is to enhance the benefits of a fully water degradeable and eco enviromental food packaging coating by

A few examples of our well known Michelman Coatings

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Michem Coat
Primarily for OGR (Oil, grease and water resistance). Consider X300 for increased water resistance, (Cobb values). We recommend MC40 and MC 1548 where grease resistance is also required (Kit test).

Vapor Coat
Moisture, water, grease resistant and release for packaging materials in contact with food. Can replace FC, PE-laminated barriers and plastic bags in many applications.

Coating X300™
This coating provides the highest levels of water and moisture resistance. I is also used for easy slip its none coldset gluable.

Plate Kote™
Oil and water resistance water coating for Paper plates and bowls. Makes the paper plates totally nature degradeable to save the enviroment if a plate is discarded in the nature.

Easy to apply water-based coarting for skid paper, increases the angle to between 30-45 degrees. This coating enhances the efficiency of transporting palletized loads , boxes and furniture.

Is a water-based Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) for currogated boxes and other types of paper used for packaging steel components.

Is a water-based coating that eliminates the common abrasion that occurs especially when using recycled fibers, for shipping and packaging items, but also in general