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Benefits and Uses

Abrasion-resistant Nomar™ coatings eliminate the common abrasion that occurs between the inside of the shipping container and the packaged item.

The need for abrasion resistance has increased dramatically as recycled fibers have replaced softer virgin kraft. Painted products are particularly more prone to abrasion today because they are often packed before the finish is fully cured. Nomar™ enables packing before the paint reaches full hardness without the risk of scuffing.

  • Cold-set and hot-melt gluable
  • Can withstand the heat of corrugation
  • Non-offsetting
  • Tough and durable
  • Repulpable
  • FDA approved

Nomar® is typically used on:

  • Snack food packages to prevent pinholing
  • Packaging for automotive parts such as headlight lenses and plastic body parts to prevent scratching
  • Partitions inside boxes so that more items can be packed into each box without risk of abrasion
  • Cornerposts used in appliances boxes to reduce surface contact between the appliance and the box


Nomar® offers superior abrasion resistance and processing flexibility. When heat resistance and/or cold-set gluability are not required, a Resisto Coat™ non-abrasive coating may be a more appropriate choice.


Nomar® 70THIN: Nomar® 70THIN is a low viscosity, gluable, non-abrasive coating designed for flexo applications. It is generally used to provide abrasion protection for gas flushed food packaging or small appliances. Nomar® 70THIN is gluable with both cold set and hot melt glues.