Application methods

Coatings can be applied in and off-line.

Its important to achieve an unbroken surface film and have sufficient drying capacity available.

A typical coating has a dry content of 40-50% like a standart flexo color, so the drying is similar to flexo printing.

Typical methods are offline with rod / blade coater or preprint flexo.

A double coat with a primer and a top coat applied with two coaters or two flexo units is a very good application method and hereby you can obtain the very best MWTR – Cobb – KIT, values.

In a paper mill its typical to use film, size press and or blade / rod coater.

Coatings can also be applied sheet to sheet in a standard flexo printer and or the flexo unit in an offset press (not offset applied)

Most of our coatings are developed to work in high temperature e.g. to go through a corrugater.

We can advise you on equipment and also supply blade and rod coaters for different sizes and speeds.

See PDF for Gabcoater typical installation